Here are some of the items available for the Streamer Program

Here are some of the items available for the Streamer Program


Suchikuchi Streamer Program

Are you a content creator or online streamer? Have you ever wanted to offer your fans a bit more of a high-end taste? How about your logo placed on something much more valuable than a sticker or t-shirt? Suchikuchi Leather Arts is providing you with an opportunity to have your logo branded on things like leather wallets, purses and journals. Anything that you see in my store can have your logo/design on it, made available to your fans for purchase! 

Suchikuchi Leather Arts makes high-end, high quality leather goods. We hold our leather to such high standards that we will guarantee each item for a lifetime! We want you to offer this kind of premium product to your fans. 

How does this work? 
You provide me with your logo, Suchikuchi provides the time, materials and skills to make a timeless piece. The product(s) is placed up for sale on Suchikuchi Leather Arts online stores and via conventions and markets. All you have to do is make sure your fans know where to purchase these amazing leather goods! The products(s) with your logo on them are carefully tracked and tallied up at the end of each month. As long as your items are sold, you just sit back and collect a monthly paycheck. 

Each item sold with your logo is tracked and recorded for payment back to you. For each item sold with your logo, we offer you 15% of that profit. But we don't stop there! For every 10 of your items sold, we will send the 11th free item to be used as a giveaway back to your stream (limited to USA content creators/streamers only) Each new item added will be broadcasted live on, that way you and your fans can watch the making of the product or ask questions during the process. 

Please visit our stores:

List of streamers currently on the program:
Call Of Cthulhu Twitch
Kitty Plays Twitch Team Kitty Brand
@TeamKittyTV @KittyPlays
Sour Koolaid Show Twitch 
Raquel Lily Twitch 
ElleBee_ Twitch
owelliee Twitch

Please fill form out below if you are interested in the Streamer/Content Creator program. An email will be sent out to all who are interested within two weeks after receiving the form below. 

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