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For most of Sarah's adult life, she struggled with being a single mother, trying to go to school and make ends meet with her daughter. Sarah's daughter was born sick. It was an unexpected roller coaster with years in and out of hospitals, illnesses and surgeries. Her daughter was suffering with intestinal failure. For years, she hit road block after road block, trying to find a career that could sustain her life style and allow her to be available for her daughter and her needs. She has always been a do-it-yourself-er. If you told Sarah that there was no way she could do something, she'd figure out a way that she COULD do it. She got a pit bull puppy. (again something that she was told she couldn't do) Sarah raised that puppy and trained her to be the best dog she could be. "I wanted her to have a really nice leather collar, but all the prices I saw were too far out of my budget. So I called around family members to see if they had anything that could help me create a collar for her." Sarah was in luck! her Grandpa had an old leather working set that he let her use. She went to the thrift store and picked out an old belt that she thought might look good on her dog. And that, my friends, was the beginning of a passion that will last the rest of her life. That first week, she could be found in her garage, discovering new ways of doing things with leather, creating her first pieces (That she still has!) and teaching herself as much as she could by trial and error. She spent 16+ hours a day in that garage without eat, sleep or even sitting down.

Since then, she has not spent a single day without thinking or doing stuff with leather. Sarah started her business, Suchikuchi Leather Arts, in September 2015. She started streaming her leather working live on the Twitch platform, which has piqued interest for leather craft in others! "It's nice to be able to learn, teach, grow and share my work with others live!" 

Sarah started a first-ever streamer program involving fellow streamers in the live streaming platform, Twitch. This program offers other streamers in the community the opportunity to provide their fans with high-quality leather goods that have their own streamer logos on them. They turn over a small profit in return as well!

Her climb has only just begun. Like with many things in her life, business is one of those things that she figured out a way that she COULD do it. Sarah has been doing leather work since 2014 and she still has many things to learn along the way. Her skill grows, her products multiply and her love for the craft intensifies. She still has that lovely pit bull, who has one of the finest collars known to humankind and she is absolutely the sweetest dog. You can often find her under Sarah's desk while she is leather working. Her daughter has been getting better too. In many ways, leather working has given Sarah health, happiness and hope.

Suchikuchi modeling our Leather Backpack Purse

Suchikuchi modeling our Leather Backpack Purse


Our Leathers


Our leathers are hand-picked with the finest of qualities. Our vegetable tanned hides are combed through hundreds to find the right one with just the right grain, thickness and weight. We only work with full grain leathers, offering the finest quality in leather goods to our customers. Our hand-sewing threads are sewn with a waxed Polyester thread and our hardware is created using only solid materials. We understand that a good product requires the best quality and that is what we strive to do. We are so confident in our ability to produce a high quality leather product that we will guarantee our leather products for life!