Comfy Cosplay Mask Brown Alligator Embossed Leather Prototype

Comfy Cosplay Mask Brown Alligator Embossed Leather Prototype

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These are my new masks. This is a prototype. This mask was created before the final design was finished. For this reason, the mask is 1/2 off. The nose has been fixed so that it does not squish the face so much as the other prototype masks. The mask also has several stitching errors. I do not anticipate a huge problem with the mask’s ability to function and believe it will continue to look nice. The areas where the stitches did not connect with the seam have been glued down. The stitches are also slightly crooked on the front.

The cords on the back are a thin elastic band, which can be adjusted for your head size just by simply untying it and retying it to your desired length. The bands are also discreet, allowing you to fluff your hair over them, therefore making them disappear and remain comfortable and secure!

Check out this video on my instagram page showing off the design.

When flat, this measures

10” wide

4.75 “ from nose to chin

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