Meep Meep Leather Hip Bag | Fanny Pack

Meep Meep Leather Hip Bag | Fanny Pack

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This is a perfect leather hip bag for anyone wanting something sleek, discreet and stylish!

This bag features 100% real leather, super soft dark brown leather. The strap is a sturdy seat belt leather

It also has detachable clasps attached to the bag so that you can clip the bag onto your belt loops, or use it for something entirely different! The clips allow this bag to be extremely versatile. You can also wear it across your body!

This hip bag comes with one front pocket and one main zipper pocket as well as a removable adjustable slider belt with a soft cotton webbing belt.

Inside measurement is approximately (with a little wiggle room)

9 inches Length

2.5 inches wide

5 inches deep

Front Pocket measures approximately

10 inches wide

3.25 inches deep

As a merchant at craft shows, I found this bag to be EXTREMELY HANDY in handling money and card transactions!

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