Custom Leather Mouse Pad | Laser Engraved Logo | Streamer Program | Gifts For The Gamer

Custom Leather Mouse Pad | Laser Engraved Logo | Streamer Program | Gifts For The Gamer


You use your mouse every single day. Matter of fact, you are probably touching your mouse right now. When your mouse stops working, you can't do anything else important to you until you replace that mouse. You didn't realize until just now how important your mouse is to your daily life. So why do you have your mouse sitting on a cheap neoprene $2 pad. Your mouse needs a sick pad! Let your mouse ride in style! Match your mouse pad with your computer color scheme. Or pick your favorite color! These colors with the faded black edges will make your pad look sleek. Don't let the leather fool you, leather mouse pads work great! We only pick the smoothest leather for the pads, so choosing hides that have no nicks and cuts is vital to the functioning of such a mouse pad. We use a 3/4 oz. leather for the top part. The bottom has a non-slip neoprene glued and sewn to the leather. The size is 10x10 inches.

You have the option of choosing to add an image to be laser etched into the pad. The images go at the bottom left hand corner of the pad and they are about 2 inches in height. The images are laser etched onto the product, so it will come out as a black line art showing through whichever underlying color you choose. 

After you click PURCHASE, you will be prompted to choose image, or you may choose NONE if no image is desired. 

SUBMIT YOUR OWN LOGO: If you would like to submit your own logo, please choose SUBMIT MY OWN, and then email with an image of your logo and the same email address that you used to purchase your product. Your logo must be in a black and white line art form with no shading. Please submit a vector file, .PNG or .JPEG. 

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