Suchikuchi Stream On Contestant!

You guys! I've been keeping this secret from everyone for so long! But I am finally able to announce that I'm a participant on Stream On!! I am just so stoked and excited by this! 

Twitch Game Show

Twitch Game Show

So what is Stream On anyway? In December, Twitch and Twitch Studios announced that they were accepting auditions for a Game Show called Stream On. "Stream On aims to elevate some of the best and brightest up-and-coming streamers by bringing them together around challenges that show off their streaming prowess. Over 11 weeks, 14 contestants will be narrowed down to one Stream on champion, but all contestants will have the opportunity to show their stuff and be featured in a weekly results show on twitch." Each participant will have a chance at $60,000!!! 

The premier show starts on Thursday March 8th at 3pm PST. Here, we will learn our first challenge! The show will air every Thursday until the finale on May 17th, during which the champion will be identified!  Viewers can be a part of the show and join in the weekly challenges and live voting to save their streamer from elimination! You can read more about it here .

Guys, this isn't a show centered around ME, it's a show centered around US! Some of the challenges will include us rallying together as a COMMUNITY!!! 

I have already had the pleasure of getting to know several of the Stream On participants and I must say that we are all in good company!! It is already starting to feel like a family. This is the first season of Stream On and I feel like I am living in a dream! I feel so unworthy lol. Click here to see all the Stream On participants  

So I know some of you are wondering, "What did you do when you found out?" I'll tell you! 

I knew that they would be sending out emails on who the contestants would be on February 7th. I'm going to be honest with you, I was fully expecting a denial letter. I prepared myself for it. I was so certain that I would be denied that I contemplated withdrawing my audition video. I only read the first paragraph of that email. And finally on the last sentence, it stated that I was CHOSEN!!!! I was alone when I read this email. I immediately put my phone down and started pacing the kitchen. Even talking out loud to myself, "Why? Why me? What did they see in me? What did I say or do that made them pick my video?" I was in such shock that I actually made my heart go into a high heart rate attack. I called Mike, my mom and my best friend before I read the full email and I'm glad I did because I just wanted to tell everyone!!! It was the biggest secret that I had to keep from my community and for so long. That was REALLY HARD! Perhaps even the first challenge. 

So let's rewind a little to where I was in December. Before I go into this, I have to say that I've always been pretty open on my stream, down to earth and honest. I don't try and hide how I feel about things and what my plans are for my future and etc... I think what I'm about to talk about is something that many of us content creators and creative artists have encountered in our road to success. I announced that I was thinking about submitting an audition video when I heard about Stream On, but I was in such a state in my life. Business was really, really slow and I was struggling so hard with figuring out how I was going to make stream work with my life. I'd spent an entire year trying to hash out any issues with my stream and schedule while leather working. Financially, things just weren't working.

Imperialgrrl and me, Suchikuchi

Imperialgrrl and me, Suchikuchi

On January 15, 2018 I was hanging out in Imperialgrrl's stream. I've been subbed to her for like 2 years. She is such a huge positive influence on me and many others. I said hello in her chat and she asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was editing a video. She knew that I had mentioned submitting the audition video, so she thought that was what I was doing, but that's actually not what I was doing. I told her that I wasn't sure if I really wanted to submit the video. I just was certain that I wouldn't get selected and I felt like I would be emotionally crushed if I got denied. She encouraged me to submit an audition video. She said "what do you have to lose? It will just be a no if you don't get selected and it won't change anything. But if you do get selected, then that will be fantastic and it could be a game changer for you" See? I told you she was just a really positive influence. It was the final day to submit a video. I went ahead and spent that entire day creating the best video that I could put together. I pressed that submit button and sent in my audition with the full understanding that it would likely be denied. 

Over the next couple of weeks, I kept thinking about the video I submitted. I really wanted to be accepted, but I was emotionally preparing myself to not be and so I tried to not be too hyped about it. I contemplated withdrawing my audition video, but Mike was very encouraging. Financially, I was really struggling. I do a yearly recap of any and all forms of income in January and instead of getting better, things actually got worse over the year. Many of us have been through this and I had to dig really deep and figure out how I could continue to stream and promote my leather working. Doing both takes a whole lot of time. It felt like I had to choose to do one or the other and that was really difficult. I felt like a failure. I took two weeks off streaming to try and figure things out. I used that time to build my skills in leather working and refine some of the areas that I still struggle in. I focused on learning to take better photos of my work and building my social media influence. But I was missing something. I was missing the community that I built. I was missing the time on my stream. It truly makes me happy to stream. I decided that until further notice, I would be streaming "whenever I can" I didn't want to treat stream as a form of income or a job. It was never my intention to do so anyway, but I realized that I was and I really didn't want to do that. It was creating a false sense of failure and it was rubbing off on everything I was trying to do. 

And then I got the email. The email that changed everything. The email that gave me that purpose that I needed again! I've always been a person who strives for a goal. Someone who accepts challenges and does the very best possible to achieve success in every way. Stream On is an opportunity. It's an opportunity that only a handful of us got! I wasn't about to waste it! I knew that being accepted on Stream On would bring in new eyeballs to my stream, so I felt that having a schedule was really important. It is why I set that schedule and I am sticking firm! I do have a child who has medical issues though and a pretty busy life style with lots of appointments, but outside of my daughter, I chose to make my stream my number one priority and I felt that step one was to be consistent with my schedule. 

The break that I took was very needed. I feel like I was able to identify my "why" again. Why am I doing this? Who do I want to reach? Before, those questions were hard to answer, but now, it's easy. I leather work because I love to do it. I love to make things that are geeky, grungy, apocalyptic. I like to make stuff that is beautiful and useful. I stream because I like to connect with the people who enjoy that stuff. I like to goof off with them and talk about the 80s and 90s. I like to listen to my playlist and share it with them. Xanadar says that my stream is like hanging out in my workshop while I make leather and that is seriously what it is. We just goof off and hang out together. 


I owe a lot to Imperialgrrl. If I wasn't hanging out in her stream that day and if she hadn't encouraged me, an audition video would have never even been submitted. I also owe my boyfriend, Mike. I was on the cusp of withdrawing my audition, but he just kept on encouraging me. I owe a lot to my community, who continue to support me through all my ups and downs and throughout our "on again, off again" relationship. Thank you so much for sticking with me through this, no matter where we end up on Stream On, we are a success together! And I owe a lot to the staff at Twitch, who saw something in my video that they felt made me worthy of this opportunity. I hope I don't let you down! 


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