Twitch Stream On Is Making Headlines!

Oh boy. Where do I even begin with this!? Stream On so far has been a whirlwind of emotions! Many of the thoughts running through my head are still: Why did they choose me? How was I so worthy of this? I know a lot of people really wanted this. I want to tell you that I don't think their decisions on the final 14 were easy picks at all! I am just overwhelmed with excitement, anticipation, maybe some anxiety and even a little bit worried. What are these challenges going to be like? I guess we will all find out March 8th at 3pm PST on !!! We will get our first challenges! 

So much has happened this week surrounding Stream On! Twitch released our intro videos and they are now in a collection loop! You can watch all of the participant intro videos  here I have to say that this is such a new thing for me! I am pretty good about talking to my STREAM, who are actual people behind the chat box. Talking to an inanimate object was super hard for me! I felt like I wasn't supposed to move my head a lot and that I HAD to look at the camera. I am not a natural at that. It was incredibly hard. I think if I've learned anything in the past couple of weeks, it is definitely how to do a proper video where I am talking to just the camera. However! The editors did such a phenomenal job capturing all the quirky things that go on in my streams! I love how they put it all together. When watching all the videos, I can't help but want so badly to be a part of their communities, and you will too! Here is my video


And then King5 news did a story on Stream On! Yes... King5... big huge news network in the Seattle area! Of the 14 contestants on the show, four of us are from the Seattle Area and five of us from the Pacific North West! LIKE WHAT!!!??? Yeah! So what does that tell you? Seattle is a city that truly embraces the arts and is booming with technology. It is often called the "new silicon valley"! So what happens when you live in a place that nurtures art and thrives on technology? I'll leave this right here to answer that question. 


This next video is DJWheat, one of the Stream On judges talking about the upcoming show. This video talks about how your participation as a community, can be vital in saving your streamer from elimination. Stream On isn't just about the streamer. It's about the communities that are built around streaming! I love how he explains this in the video. Very well put. Please take some time to watch this! 



Suchikuchi Avatar

Suchikuchi Avatar

So what's going on in my world right now? Well, I want to make streaming and leather working my career. Stream On is giving me an opportunity to actually make this happen! I won't waste it! So I'm diving full force into streaming! For the past several months, I've been in such a cross roads. Where is my time best served? I want to do streaming full time and I want to leather work while doing it, but I have to actually make a living too! Trying to juggle where to balance my time on and off stream has been challenging to say the least. Streaming has been a passion of mine for a long time. I've been doing it for years! Leather working has been my life's purpose! I didn't find these loves until I was 28 years old! Admittedly, it hasn't been enough on both fronts to make an actual living. The opportunity that has been provided to me through Stream On can actually make these two things come true for me! And even if it doesn't, I still feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to shoot for my dreams and it has definitely refueled the fire. Maybe creative was just too new for it to become a reality for some of us. Maybe now, it is possible!  

Twitch Unity

In this Stream On competition, I feel like the underdog. Our streaming community is small, but we are powerful! Many of us have been in the trenches and we find strength in each other. This is a time for us to come together as a community and show the world that we can succeed, even when life is hard! There's strength in numbers, but there's also strength in unity! Our message is to not give up on our dreams! To stay positive, even when everything around you is crumbling down. To carve a new path. To keep on going, even when life throws you obstacles. We are in this together! 

So schedule of events: 

Make sure you are in every Thursday starting March 8th at 3pm PST. Be in chat and support your favorite streamer! The viewer voting doesn't actually start until March 15th, but your support means a lot to participants! 

Join us in the Twitch Weekly show on every Friday at 1pm, where many of the highlights will be about stream on! Your support for your Stream On participant can also be shown there! 

Bookmark to stay up to date on the challenges and any news surrounding Stream On Directly. 

Use #streamontwitch if you talk about any of the communities in the Stream On Game Show! 

Follow @twitch and @twitch_studios on twitter to stay up-to-date! 

Ok, I have to do this because a lot of people who read the blog aren't familiar with Twitch. Did you know that you can support the channel for FREE if you have an Amazon Prime account? This directly helps the streamer, and it comes at no cost to you. All you have to do is go to and make yourself an account. Then, follow the steps in this video .Then go to the streamer's channel (in my case and click the purple subscribe button. The channel might  be hosting someone if they are offline, but the purple subscribe button will still allow you to subscribe to them. And there you go!