Stream and Stream On Updates!

It's been too long since I wrote a blog post! I've been working tirelessly at making my stream better, but also trying to push out Leather Working orders! It's been fantastic and I can surely say that I just am really happy to be doing what I am doing. 

Photo by  Thomas Jensen  on  Unsplash

Photo by Thomas Jensen on Unsplash

My internet continues to be a problem... though I can't be certain what the issues are, I can tell you that we have had many calls to our ISP and had several visits from them. We are currently running off of two internet lines to "test" if the problem persists with our equipment or theirs. The problem remains the same with both sets of equipment. We have ruled out everything on our end and truly feel that the problem is the 40 year old cable line coming from the street into our house, though our ISP is not inclined to admit that. I have found that streaming at prime time was our biggest culprit and since I stop my stream now at 5pm PST, internet has been pretty stable. Stream times will remain the same until further notice. 

Since I last posted, there have been two more sets of eliminations on the Stream On show. I was very sad that the show had to say goodbye to TheStaceyRoy and GlanFM. Both of these streamers are so amazing and seeing them eliminated was truly heartbreaking! You can watch Stream On Episode 3 here

TheStaceyRoy is a phenomenal streamer! With some production value that will make your eyes pop out of your head! She likes to make really neat beverages in her bar and has a series called The Nerdy Bartender! It's a riot to watch. She hosts tons of guests on her show with interviews and I can definitely attest to Whabam Chat is Best Chat! Go to her stream sometime and hang out with her. I can promise you that you will not regret it!!! 

GlanFM is such a sweet and genuine streamer! His chat is also incredibly welcoming. He does all sorts of stuff on his stream from playing video games to IRL! His chat family is incredibly humble and Glan's voice sounds like it was sent from heaven. He could read me a horror book and I'd fall asleep with happy dreams. He currently is doing a thing where he is streaming every single day this year, so I promise, you won't miss any of his streams, no matter what your days off are! I encourage you to check him out and get to know his chat family as the feeling in chat is friendly and warm. 

The other set of eliminations happened just last week and yet another two streamers were voted off the show. Each of these eliminations get harder and harder as time goes on and new viewers start to become fans of the contestants. The two streamers who were voted off the show were Koibu and CookingForNoobs. It was a very sad day for them and their communities. You can watch Stream On Episode 4 here

Koibu is a D&D streamer! With a fan base that will just blow your mind! I'm serious, you would never know how crazy Dungeon Master minions could be! They are everywhere, and his seem to be multiplying by the hundreds! I didn't get to catch many of Koibu streams, but they were definitely entertaining when I was able to be there. The connection he has with the people he plays with is something to be admired. He is also incredibly cunning! 

CookingForNoobs... This one touched me because I've been watching CFN for a long time since the induction of Twitch Creative Cooking. Her streams are usually fun and energetic! She branched out of just cooking and has been doing some amazing IRL streams! As a matter of fact, she announced during her Twitch Weekly interview that she was looking forward to some traveling IRL streams, which I think got us all excited for what's coming next for CFN! 

These four streamers, who we had to say goodbye to, are STILL STREAMING ON!!! Stream On was an incredible opportunity for all of us. We learned many lessons and I believe that we have all become better streamers! I was a Stream On Contestant that is now a Stream On Super Fan! I'm absolutely in love with the show and want to show my support as much as possible. 

The eight remaining contestants, plus the two eliminated last week, get to go to PAX EAST!!! So if you will be there too, make sure you seek them out and say hello!! Also, the Stream On Episode 5 will be broadcast right there at Pax East! I'm really looking forward to this episode. The good Stream On news is that there won't be any eliminations this week! And from now on, only one person will be eliminated per week, instead of two. 

The current Stream On Challenge is called Brand Champ. It is all about selling a brand! The contestants were challenged to sell a pretend Fanny Pack to their viewers on stream. The eight remaining contestants were split up into two teams. The Green Team (88bitmusic, CiraCorellia, MajinTaj and ThaButtress) and The Orange Team (BanzaiBaby, Wavy, TheOnlyRyann and Xmiramira) The team that sells the most is safe from elimination! So how does this affect you as a viewer? Basically, you gotta choose a team! After you choose which team you are rooting for, go to that stream, enable the extension in the info panel and sit there for 20 minutes to collect coins so that way you can purchase their fanny pack! Your support for each streamer really isn't limited to a team though. You can buy anyone's fanny packs. Buying fanny packs is also available when the streamer does a rerun. So make sure you get into your favorite streamer or stream team every day and buy that fanny pack! If you are supporting a full team, hit up that stream team once a day and buy a fanny pack from each streamer on that team. Remember, these are not REAL items and you aren't buying with REAL money. But your help directly supports the streamer and can help save them from elimination! 


What about Suchikuchi? What's going on with that!? Well, I still think about being eliminated from Stream On and the only reason why it is still heavy on my mind is because our stream has grown SO MUCH since then! It was the area that we did the poorest on in the competition, but the area that we are excelling in after elimination! That's the only reason that I think about this. Sometimes I wish I had more time in the competition, but again, I am still incredibly grateful for the opportunity to begin with. We are no longer competing, but I am still heavily involved. I truly love what this competition has done for all the streamers involved and all the viewers who are rooting on their favorites. I know eliminations are tough for everyone, but when our favorite streamer gets eliminated, we have to keep supporting them through it and show them that you are going to be there for them no matter what! Your support for them is the reason that they were selected for the show and the reason that they were able to carry on for as long as they could and that support will mean everything to them when the time comes to say goodbye to the show. I believe that is why our elimination from Stream On was not as rough as I anticipated it would be. It's because of you, yes, you who are reading this. Thank you so much for being here for me and holding me up when I felt super down. And because of YOU, I continue to Stream On!!! 

I have some really exciting things to tell you! 

The Collective now has a new point system. I will actually be fully detailing this in another post that we will have looped in our channel for everyone to view as you all will need a new Borg Implant to process this data. The summary is that everyone will have a chance to win an EMOTE OF THE MONTH! That's right. You can win an emote in my channel. Your very own special emote to be used globally around Twitch for a full month. That is truly what our main point system is for. You can earn credits by playing channel games, gifting subs, subscribing, resubscribing, being active in chat and clipping funny moments in stream! At the end of the month (the final day of the month) we will see who has the most credits (moderators are excluded) and that person will get their emote of the month! There are rules that will be detailed in a separate blog post that can be easily linked and circulated while we get our implants functioning correctly. The idea is to give EVERYONE a chance to win, which is where the channel games come into play. Viewers can earn 2.25 times the credits during the games and the longer they stay active in chat, the more credits they earn. This is starting RIGHT NOW! Well, like tomorrow.


Our channel has been seriously smashing some sub goals. Each time you guys unlock a new emote, we schedule a very special stream. For instance, this Saturday, we had a Zombie Bob Ross stream and we gave away Happy Little Zombies that I made on stream. We also cooked some Zombie Brain Cupcakes! And ZomBob Ross had to do some dancing for every new drone we assimilated. Needless to say, Zombob Ross had to eat Zombie Brains and was sweating by the end of the night. It was really fun! I think we all had a blast! We also unlocked the NEXT emote slot, which is just great because April is our Bayonetta Tier 3 Loot Box month! We now have a new Bayonetta channel emote made by our wonderful MrNoobtastic and we unlocked the Bayonetta Cosplay! so watch out for that Cosplay stream in about 2 week's time! 


OMG and YOGA STREAMS! We started doing Yoga on stream at 8:30AM. Those streams are really fun and it's keeping me in shape, but then I smacked my pinkie toe so damn hard on my chair during stream one day that I thought for sure I broke it. I still am unsure, though my stream says that it would be black and blue by now if it was truly broken. I probably bruised a bone or something, but my foot still really hurts to walk on, so I've been walking on the inner part of my foot. I still can't put my foot in a shoe and the bruising expanded to my other toes and top of my foot. The bruising is still very faint over the toes, but turned my pinkie toe purple. It's still swollen. So until my foot heals, we had to postpone Yoga streams for now. Bummer :( You can watch the epic toe smashing clip here Every time I play this clip, my dog, Karma, gets PTSD. I'm serious. I can't play it on stream anymore or she will shake and hide. 

Here's what's coming up: 

On Tuesday, April 3, 2018, we are going to be making some SourKoolaidShow leather loot! Stream starts at 11am PST and goes on till 5pm PST. We will be making some SKS leather coasters and wallets! You don't want to miss this stream as we will be giving away some of this gear! So if you're a fan of SourKoolaidShow, watch the stream and try to win! 

On Wednesday, April 4, 2018 We are having a World of Warcraft themed stream! I'll be making a Horde Dog Collar and for every new sub, I'll be doing a World of Warcraft race dance. There are 14 different races! If there is time, I'll be making a World of Warcraft Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet. 

On Thursday, April 5, 2018 This is the Pax East Stream On Show! In our normal stream, I plan to make a few Bayonetta themed notebooks, coasters and key chains and then host up Stream On at 3pm PST! 

Friday and Saturday streams are To Be Determined. 

Don't forget to re-up your sub if you are an Amazon Prime Member! Your sub is FREE with amazon prime. Even if you don't watch Twitch at all, just make an account real quick, connect your account with Amazon Prime and click the sub button on my channel and Subscribe with prime for FREE! It helps me tremendously, just make sure you come back every month to resubscribe with Prime!

Here's a super detailed explanation on how to do it, which i will be editing to shorter excerpts at some point in the future, when I have time. How To Twitch Video