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Our Stream is Suchikuchi. Our stream theme is centered around being a Borg. I am your Borg Queen and when you subscribe or are gifted a sub, you are then assimilated! And then you become a Borg Drone. You are then placed into a maturation chamber, where you start to grow your Borg Implants. Our chat badges have you growing implants as you resubscribe to the stream. All new Borg Drones are given their own laser etched leather insignia with their Twitch Name laser etched on. These insignias come with me to Twitch Con, where you can actually come to my booth to find them and I will make your own special key chain out of it. 

I am so happy to announce our new stream point system! We are using a point system through DeepBot. Our points are called Credits. You can check your stream credits every ten minutes by typing !credits in chat. You will receive a whisper with your user credits. 

Our user rankings are based on time watching the stream. You start off as Rank 1 aka a Weak Human and we are ranked up to Rank 7 aka Trekkie of Suchi Tertiary Adjunct Unimatrix Twitch. All subs are Drones of Suchi Tertiary Adjunct Unimatrix Twitch. 

First of all, let me explain what the purpose of having credits in our stream is. Credits are used to try and get your very own channel emote! All credits are reset at the beginning of each month. At the end of the month, user credits are tallied up and the user with the most amount of credits in that month is awarded their very own channel emote slot to be used globally throughout Twitch! The idea is to make this available to ALL viewers, not just subs. It will be easier to win as a sub, but definitely not impossible to win as a viewer. If a non-sub wins the Emote Of The Month, they will be gifted a sub so that they can use their emote still! 

Users can only earn credits during live streams. Users gain 5 credits every 10 minutes spent in stream. Credits are multiplied by 2 if you remain active in chat at least every 10 minutes. Viewers can try to win extra credits by playing the channel mini game! Every 20 minutes, someone can initiate an attack on various Star Trek stations by typing the word !attack [x] in chat. [x] being the amount of credits entered. The cost to enter the attack is up to you, but only a maximum of 50 credits can be used. The more people who join the attack, the higher the payout, but smaller the chance of winning as well. There are 5 Level Entries. The more the players, the higher the level. 

Level 1 Battle Group Omega win 54% win payout multiplyer 1.50
Level 2 Klingon Academy win 48.8% win payout multiplyer 1.70
Level 3 Delta Quadrant Command 42.5% win payout multiplyer 2
Level 4 Drozana Station win 38.7% win payout multiplyer 2.25
Level 5 Earth Spacedock win 32.4% win payout multiplyer 2.75

There is also a guessing game, where users can try and earn more credits. At random, Suchi or mods can enable a guessing game. Viewers have to choose the correct number between 1 and 100. Only one guess counts! The buy in costs 10 credits. The winner has a chance to win 500 credits! 

All subscribers get a credit multiplier x2 for automatically generated credits. 

A subscribers and re-subscribers get an additional 100 credits. 

Gifting subs can also earn you credits! For each tier 1 sub that you gift, you can receive 100 extra credits! The person who was gifted also receives 100 credits. A tier 2 sub gifts gives the gifter and the gifted 200 credits. A tier 3 sub gift gives the gifter and the gifted 300 extra credits. 

Upgrading your tier and tier re-subscriptions also can earn you extra credits. Tier 2 subs automatically get 200 extra credits and tier 3 subs automatically get 300 extra credits. 

CLIPS! You can earn points when you clip something in stream and share it in chat! You clip it and link it in chat. We will watch it on stream and then chat gets to determine how amazing of a clip it was by voting on a scale of 0-5. 0 being that you really just clipped nothing.. and 5 being the most amazing clip you've ever seen! Whatever number has the most tallied up by individual chatters determines the amount of points the clip awards to the person who clipped it! 0 = 0 credits, 1 = 5 credits, 2 = 10 credits, 3 = 15 credits, 4 = 25 credits, 5 = 50 credits. 

The point of this credit system is to give EVERYONE a chance to win! Even if you are not subscribed to the channel. Viewers still have a chance to get a lot of extra credits in the mini game and just by simply being active in chat. 

If you win the emote, you will either know right away because you are hanging out in our stream, or I will send you a whisper that you won! Please respond to the whisper as your emote will be your design. We will communicate through email to get your emote up. Even just sending me a simple picture of you will be good enough. Or if you are an exceptional emote artist, you can make your own emote! If you can't submit a picture or create your own emote art, we will come up with a text emote of your liking... however it happens, as long as we are in communication with each other, we can make your emote become a reality! 

Additionally, all common commands for deepbot can be found here Please note that the music commands will not work and that the guide is a general guide. our "bankheist" command is actually "attack" as well. In our channel, users are not permitted to give points either. 

I will keep this post updated as need be while we all get our new Borg Implants working! Live Long and Prosper!

twitch channel: Suchikuchi 


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