Affiliate Of The Month Program Announced

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The Affiliate Of The Month Program is finally here! We've been talking about it for a good month now and it's finally live. You will learn what Affiliate Of The Month is and how you can get it!

In my twitch channel, I have a lot of people who support me with subs and hosts. These people help me out in ways that I find difficult to repay! So I was trying to figure out ways in which I could help them! Many of these people who support my stream also stream themselves and the larger majority of them are affiliates of Twitch. Many people who stream on Twitch want to grow their audience and build communities, but it's hard to stand out in the crowd. One good way to help grow an audience on Twitch is by Cross Promotion. I promote you, you promote me and we all win, right? Right, but how... the last thing you want to do is go to a bigger streamer's streams and ask for a shout out or a host, so how do you get people to notice you? There's all kinds of different ways, but my Affiliate Of The Month program could help! 

Our new iHeartCreative podcast channel on Twitch has now adopted the Affiliate of the Month program! So now you get promotion on several different channels on Twitch. 

The Affiliate Of The Month is someone who is looking to better their streams. They are someone who wants to network with other streamers. Someone who supports other streams and someone who promotes positivity and encouragement in themselves and their community. This person wants to grow their community and are striving some kind of End-Game in streaming. 

For the Affiliate Of The Month, we are offering: 

  • Host Priority
  • Daily Shout Outs On Stream and Social Media
  • Retweets when their stream goes live
  • Stream Guidance and Etiquette
  • Featured Blog Post
  • Highlight Reel Social Media Sharing
  • One Featured Stream About New Affiliate Of The Month
  • Streamer Program Acceptance 
  • iHeartCreative co-host/interview

This all sounds great, right? So now you are wondering what do I get out of it? We have had many kind people help us in stream and this is our way of paying it forward. We get a lot more satisfaction from knowing that we could directly help someone with their journey! 

Ok, so now you're wondering how to get Affiliate Of The Month. We just need a video of your stream 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. We want to know who you are, what you do in your stream. 

Please join our iHeartCreative discord Introduce yourself as an affiliate.  

Your video highlight is due on the 25th of every month. Please email it to You do not have to make a new video every single month if you do not want to. For those who submit a video but did not received Affiliate of the Month, we will add your old video to the following month's decision! (hint: more videos, the better though)! 

  • Video highlight reel: An important part of growing a stream is by making yourself available to your community offline. I don't mean answering every tweet and DM, I mean by putting yourself out there. Making your community aware of your presence inside and outside of stream. A great way to do this is with highlight reels. Highlight reels are small clips of your best moments mashed into an edited video. We just require 30 seconds to two minutes worth for review by the 25th of each month. This gives us a small tidbit of what it's like hanging out in your streams (yes, I did get this idea from Stream On. It's a great idea) I strongly encourage you to share these little highlight reels on your own social media accounts as well. Submit your highlight reels to It is preferred that you have a YouTube channel and upload your highlight reels to your own YouTube channel and link it up. Links are far easier to share.

I would love to see you guys implement Instagram into your self-promotion. Especially for creatives as that is where you will find a lot of your following. Stories are the best way to let your people know that you are going live. This is not a requirement for the Affiliate Of The Month though. 

A few tips for growing your stream real quick: Social Media marketing is kind of VITAL to your growth. You want to tell your community when you go live. You also want to make it easy for your followers to find you on Social Media! I strongly advise that you change all your social media accounts (or make new ones) to reflect the same name as your streaming name. If you have a much bigger following on your social media account, then change your twitch name to reflect your social media name. If your name is taken on social media accounts or Twitch, add TV at the end or _TV or _TV_ ... something that makes it simple and easy for your community to find you during a simple search. 

Facebook is great to just have for those of your fans who only use FB, Twitter is great streamer to streamer communication, but Instagram is where you will find more raw follower support outside of streamer networking. 

As an affiliate, you also are able to stream on multiple platforms. I encourage you to do this. I do believe that you have to wait 24 hours after your stream on Twitch to stream on a different platform though, but do it if you can! Reach out and grab attention from other places and bring them to your Twitch (if that is where you want your main game to be).

So, future Affiliate Of The Month: The power is in YOUR HANDS! You didn't think we would just HAND you free promotion, did you? Good. Because being a successful streamer is a whole lot of hard work and sometimes just a little bit of luck. 


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Suchikuchi is a partnered creative Leather Working streamer on Twitch. You can read more about Suchikuchi here