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I'm still here! Sorry that it has taken me such a long while to create my blog post, but I got so unorganized over the past month or two that I just had to let the blog fall to the wayside so that way I could complete projects that needed my time. Fear not though, I have hashed out a full month schedule and will be able to hopefully keep up with this type of a streaming schedule! I have enlisted some help from a buddy of mine (thank you!) 

First up: Stream On! I believe it has been about a month since my last Stream On Recap. The last recap was about the Brand Challenge. The final eight split into two separate groups. Hindsight and Fanny Pax. Both teams did great! Hindsight immediately came out with a catchy commercial for their project, which you can find here .  Hindsight did a fantastic job on their presentation at Pax East and had a promotional commercial made and endorsed by the Stream On Judges! You can find that amazing video here ! In the end, Fanny Pax was able to sell the most product, but just barely! The Fanny Pax was saved from elimination! In the end, we sadly had to say goodbye to CiraCorelia. You can find that episode here  

CiraCorelia is such a fantastic streamer. She is gorgeous, is a wonderful flirt with the camera and every bit as goofy and fun as you want to see in a stream! I know that for me, I have a difficult time staying engaging and interactive with my chat when I'm gaming. This is definitely a SKILL and CiraCorelia has that! You can see CiraCorelia playing many different games on her stream and she sometimes throws a creative stream in there! 

The following Stream On Challenge was a gaming challenge! Each streamer had to pick a game that had a point-based system that they thought they were good at. They then had to play that game with each of the other participants. Each streamer was ranked based on their performance on all the games. In the end, BanzaiBaby and Xmiramira were ranked lowest and up for elimination. Chat and judges voted to save BanzaiBaby. We unfortunately had to say goodbye to the AMAZING Xmiramira. You can find that stream here  

Xmiramira was known on Stream On for her SIMS game play! She plays other games as well! One of the first things that I noticed about Xmiramira was just how strong and loyal her community is! When I entered her stream for the first time, I just wanted to lurk... I was checking out my competition! It didn't take long at all for me to want to be a part of that crazy, twerking sims community! My first impression of her streams appears to be a very common first impression from many people. Her streams just make you WANT to belong. 

I don't believe that eliminations are based on a streamer's overall performance as I believe that each and every streamer is doing their best and trying their hardest. Just like with streaming, "making it" has a large bit to do with hard work (which all the contestants are not lacking) and a little bit of luck. You're lucky if you got picked for the show, lucky to have not been voted out, lucky to get promotions... you just have to be lucky and sometimes we just don't get lucky. It isn't because of our lack of trying in the least bit because every single one of us was definitely GOOD ENOUGH! I think this is why the eliminations may be shocking to the viewers. We have to remember that there can only be ONE Stream On Winner. I want to also emphasize that you can still "make it" as a streamer without getting lucky... it will just take longer. So don't stop trying! Just take advantage of the opportunities when they come, and that's what each of us did on Stream On! 

For the final six remaining Stream On Contestants, their latest challenge was for Charity. They all flew out to St. Jude Summit and got to experience first-hand the impact that charity streams with Twitch has on the recipients. Those were some of the most touching highlights I've ever seen! The entire team is still raising money for St. Jude. You can find the Stream On Campaign with all the linked contestant's campaigns as well here. Our stream helped raise money with Banzai Baby's Stream On For Good Campaign. In the end, if the entire Stream On Campaign raises at 80k, theonlyryann convinced the Stream On judges to dye their hair pink! Even DJWheat. So if you are able to, drop in a donation! 

EMOTE OF THE MONTH! Last month, I announced our Emote Of The Month program! Basically, I have a bot that tracks progress of a point based system called credits. Users can earn credits by subscribing, gifting subs, upgrading sub tiers, being active in chat and lurking and by clipping fun moments in stream. You can learn more about it here

Our emote of the month winner is MONTRAVONT!!! Congratulations to Montravont for being a huge Suchikuchi Fan! We celebrate your community involvement with your very own special emote, which you can use all throughout Twitch! Montravont also streams on twitch, so check him out here and congratulate him on his emote of the month! 

Montravont's Emote

Last but not least, I would like to announce our AFFILIATE OF THE MONTH program! I wrote a little bit about this in my last blog post, but here's a little bit more information. In my channel, I have a lot of people who support me with subs and hosts. These people help me out in ways that I find difficult to repay! So I was trying to figure out ways in which I could help them! Many of these people who support my stream also stream themselves and the larger majority of them are affiliates of Twitch. Many people who stream on Twitch want to grow their audience and build communities, but it's hard to stand out in the crowd. One good way to help grow an audience on Twitch is by Cross Promotion. I promote you, you promote me and we all win, right? Right, but how... the last thing you want to do is go to a bigger streamer's streams and ask for a shout out or a host, so how do you get people to notice you? There's all kinds of different ways, but my Affiliate Of The Month program could help! 

For the Affiliate Of The Month, I'm offering: 

  • Host Priority
  • Daily Shout Outs On Stream and Social Media
  • Retweets when their stream goes live
  • Stream Guidance and Etiquette
  • Featured Blog Post
  • Highlight Reel Social Media Sharing
  • One Featured Stream About New Affiliate Of The Month
  • Streamer Program Acceptance 

This all sounds great, right? So now you are wondering what do I get out of it? It's cross-promotion. I have had many kind people help me in stream and this is my way of paying it forward. I get a lot more satisfaction from knowing that I could directly help someone with their journey! 

You can learn more about the Affiliate Of The Month program and how to get affiliate of the month here .

New Schedule

Let's get on to scheduling. I have been working with my friend to help me get my online life organized. One of the most difficult things about doing a leather working stream is trying to find the time to get everything done! Half of the time, I'm trying to quickly throw streams together just an hour or two before I hit that LIVE button. I don't want to keep doing that.  I have been wanting to actually have fun and pre planned streams for a while! What I struggle with is just everything about that. It requires organization, collaboration and meticulous planning. My friend set up a series of google docs with weekly and monthly schedules and specific time blocks for administration days, pre-streaming time, stream time, workshop time, social media time and family time. It took several hours this morning, but we were finally able to get a good schedule going for the month of May! How I planned stuff out can be for another blog post, maybe when we see how this schedule turns my chaotic days into relaxing work days. I am very happy to say that I will have a weekly Monday blog from now on, which will also announce our stream activities for that week! 


I have a special Cinco De Mayo stream scheduled for this Saturday, the 5th of May! Stream will be 2pm - 10pm PST on my twitch channel.


I'm going out and buying a poncho, sombrero, and marachas! For the first 5 subs/resubs, you get dress your favorite Mamacita Bonita Streamerita! And the lovely mustachio is coming back! At 10 new subs, and every 10 new subs thereafter, I have to do a chacha or something like that. Oh and Margaritas!!! For every 5 new subs. It will be a fun celebration, guaranteed, so don't miss it! Also, we are giving away little Sombrero and Maracha leather rearview mirror hangings (you can hang them wherever you want). 

Suchikuchi is a Partnered Creative Leather Working Streamer On Twitch. 

Here's all my social media links! 

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