Trip to NC, Team Sunergy, Table Top Champions Collaboration With Creative Streamers! Season Finale of Stream On And Updates

My Brother

My Brother

Hi!  I know I'm a couple of days late on this blog, but within reason! I've been traveling over the weekend. It's been a crazy week, but all has been well. I had a planned visit to North Carolina with my family for my little Brother's graduation ceremony, but right before I left, Twitch asked me if I would like to partake in the Mother's Day font page spotlight. Since I would NEVER turn down opportunities that are presented to me, of course I said yes! I was scheduled to go on the front page on Tuesday, the day after I returned home from NC. So I was scrambling to get a stream scheduled up! And we didn't really have good internet where I was either! So I was basically disconnected the entire weekend.

Sunergy Retired Solar Vehicle and my family

Sunergy Retired Solar Vehicle and my family

I spent the weekend in North Carolina with my family! It was a scheduled trip with the family. I have three siblings. My little bro had a graduation ceremony. He graduated from Apalachian State University with a double Master's Degrees! A Master of Science degree in Appropriate Technology and a Master of Science Degree in Engineering Physics.  Can I just talk about how Bad Ass my brother is?! He's absolutely amazing! My little bro was an Army Ranger before he started going to college at Appalachian and deployed three times to Iraq and three times to Afghanistan. Dan received The Outstanding Graduate Student Scholarship, the Donald Maley Spirit of Excellence Outstanding Graduate Student Award, The Graduate Research and Mentorship Grant, the Dean C. R. Duke Scholarship, the Wilson Teacher Education Scholarship, the Thomas Scholarship in Education, and the Williamsen Study Abroad Scholarship.  Not only did he just graduate, but he was also the student speaker and delivered a mind-blowing speech. I was so proud to be sitting there and I can't believe that I'm related to this awesome person! I'm so proud to call him my brother! My brother is also the founder of the Appalachian State solar vehicle team called Team Sunergy, which competes in International Solar Car Racing Competitions. He inspired the creation of several new solar vehicle courses at the college. He is also going to be taking a teaching position at Appalachian State University for two years starting next semester as Practitioner-in-residence within the Department of Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment, teaching Electric and Solar Vehicle courses! I really don't think that he is going to have any problems finding a job at any point in his career. We will also be collaborating with Team Sunergy in some fundraising for his race that is coming up in July! I hope you all can get excited about this with me!

Appalachian State University Team Sunergy

Appalachian State University Team Sunergy

Wild Suchi

Wild Suchi

Beyond just attending his graduation, our family rented out a massive cabin in the woods and we had a great time! We didn't have kids! All the men stayed at home to care for the kids because flying adults and kids out is just way too expensive! So it was just us siblings, my mom, my aunt, my grandma, Dan's wife (Tonya), and Tonya's parents. We ate a lot of food, drank a lot, played a lot of games and celebrated this moment without any worries in the world! It was so nice to not have to worry about children, but I definitely missed them. I wished Quinn could be there to see my brother's graduation. Growing up, we were never influenced by needing an education. While I don't think you NEED an education to be successful in life, it definitely doesn't hurt. Especially when you get scholarships and don't have to pay a lifetime of work for education. I don't agree with putting students in debt for the rest of their life for education, so if you can get one with scholarships and grants, or if your education doesn't cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, go for it! But don't do it if you will just live in poverty for the rest of your life just trying to pay for that education. Beyond just the education, there's a sense of achievement from graduating from those programs. A sense of commitment and belonging. You could definitely see how proud each family member was to watch their student walk down that isle and pick up their degree. I wish I had that... but I also want Quinn to see that too. I am just so damn proud of my brother. It was very special to be able to celebrate such a huge life accomplishment with him. My mom was just over the moon! It was the first time in twelve years that we were all together without any children! 

Let's talk a little bit about Stream On!!! Stream On is reaching its final season episode TODAY!!! OMG! Today, we get to find out who won Stream On! Who gets to take the grand prize of $60k !!! Someone who is going to become Twitch Famous!!! I'm super duper excited about this! I don't know who it is going to be, but It's going to be either 88BitMusic, Wavy or BanzaiBaby ! GAAAAHHHH!!! 

Last week, I was unable to watch the episode because I was flying on a plane to North Carolina. The challenge was Streamer Says. It was measured on how the streamer could multitask and lead a community. They had to use an extension and they would be shown a sequence of emotes that they saw and they had to communicate with their community who were also using the extension and they had to enter the order correctly. They got points for correct answers and participation. It was surprising to see two of the strongest streamers on the show in the bottom two! In the end, MajinTaj was eliminated from the show. That was kind of disheartening... you can watch Episode 10 here

MajinTaj has been one of the streamers who has been steadily on the top of the charts in Stream On, so to see him have to leave was really surprising for a lot of us. MajinTaj is a gaming streamer, but he has a very strong community and presence! He is also pretty amazing at collaborating with other gaming streamers! As a streamer, I find that collaborating with other streamers can be tricky and can either make or break a whole stream! He does a fantastic job at it! I also love his witty comments. If you have an opportunity, definitely check out his streams! 

The final challenge was to just Be You! They had to show the judges who they are as a streamer now and what kind of content they plan to produce if they win Stream On. Due to my long absences, I was not able to see very much of anyone's streams, so unfortunately, I can't comment on much, but I was able to understand that BanzaiBaby  wants to provide a non-toxic family-friendly stream with some content geared towards a very young audience. This is really nice as many children enjoy watching streams and many stay-at-home parents watch the creative sections of Twitch with their children at home. I am pretty sure that Wavy is going to continue being his amazing Rap God Game-playing, witty banter genius streamer that he is and 88bitMusic will continue to rival all of Twitch as he continues to step up his game! 

The stream On Finale can be watched here at 3pm PST today, May 17, 2018. 

On my stream, I am doing a really cool Collaboration with a few other creative artists and a Dungeons and Dragons group called Table Top Champions. We often talk about Table Top Champions in my stream! We are HUGE supporters of this group and super fans! So being able to work with them on a cool project is just stellar! 


TTC was created in 2014 and has been running weekly episodes of a Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition real play podcast since then. A DnD real play podcast basically means that they play their game and record it for people to listen to and follow along with the adventure. Though comedic in nature, tabletop champions also deals with difficult issues like moral dilemmas, loss, and heartbreak. They have just completed their third season, which is the conclusion to a 3 year story arc, and have just begun season four on episode 145 which contains new characters in the new of world "Naluri" creating a brand new story perfect for a new listener that doesn't want to parse through the previous 144+ hours of content. New episodes are released every Tuesday. 

You can find information about Table Top Champions below

 Table Top Champions Map   

Table Top Champions Website   

Table Top Champions Discord   

Table Top Champions Twitch   

The artists collaborating in this project are myself, Diomedes Industries Arlin_ and Montravont. Due to my travels, I have been unable to get started on my end, so I will be streaming my art on Saturday, May 19, 2018. I plan to make a Dice Cup and some Coasters for Table Top Champions to give away on one of their Twitch Live Streams. 

Montravont Dice box

Montravont Dice box

Montravont is an artist and Dungeon Master on Twitch! He was born and raised in central Missouri, migrated to California, and is now residing in Oregon. Montravont (AKA: Adam, AKA: Hey, that's me!) is a variety streamer with an emphasis on D&D, role playing games and crafting. The occasional video game hits the screen from time to time, but ti's not the channel's focus. Recently, he's been discovering the joys of woodworking. He is building up his shop and sharing that joy with you via streaming! Montravont has a heart of gold and is truly a joy to hang out with and talk to when he is streaming. Montravont will be creating a wooden dice box for Table Top Champions. Check out Montravont's Twitch Stream Here

Arlin_ is a creative streamer who streams metal work! He will be creating a metal Dice set for Table Top Champions. Arlin_ is new to streaming and to production forging. He started forging with his father, who started off just as a hobby. Since then, he's been demonstrated and supplied ironwork for museums in Virginia! Check out his twitch stream here  

Diomedes Industries is my streaming buddy! We collaborate every Friday on my stream with a special Educational Stream. He often frequents my stream when we are just working on stuff. He is so much fun to hang out with, he provides lots of entertainment and he is hilarious! He's a joy to stream with. Jason's company, Diomedes Industries has been around for 10+ years. He started making leather sheaths and have expanded to wallets, belts, journal covers and more.
He has been working for two years with multiple knife makers and selling the majority of his goods through On top of selling a line of sheaths that is around 20 different models - he am asked to make custom sheaths or many different knives and makers. He sells over 1,000 sheaths a year now and tries to make each one as unique as the next. Jason will be creating a journal cover with a custom insert and covered in dragon scales! 

Logo for Journal
Sea Monkey Aquarium Background

Yesterday was National Sea Monkey Day. We celebrated by buying some Sea Monkeys and creating a chat-inspired leather backdrop for the aquarium that we created on stream! It was a really fun stream and I actually was able to complete the backdrop! Every new sub to the channel will get a Sea Monkey in the tank and every resub gets to name a sea monkey for the rest of the week! 

Tomorrow is our build-a-long with Jason from Diomedes Industries. We are doing a four week long build-a-long course will be a pancake holster for a folding knife, starting this Friday at 9am PST and continuing every Friday at 9am PST for four weeks following. Our purchase list can be found in our discord channel under the leather tips and tricks section. The VoDs will live on my twitch page for a whole month, so you can go back and refer to the VoD if you missed a day or a few hours or something. 

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my blog! You can find me on my stream on Twitch every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9am doing Yoga. And every Tuesday 11am - 4pm PST, Wednesday 11am - 5 pm PST, Fridays 9am - 12pm PST and Saturdays 2pm - 10pm PST. 

Suchikuchi is a Partnered Creative Leather Working Streamer On Twitch. 

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