Wavy Won Season 1 Stream On! And... Turtles, Dracula, Blueberries and GlanFM!

Wavy Stream On Winner

First of all, I want to congratulate Wavy on his EPIC win for the first ever Twitch Game Show Stream On! Wow! What an enormous accomplishment for Wavy! I'm so proud of him. I believe that Wavy is everything that Twitch is right now! Wavy is a great gamer and entertainer, but he brings more than that to the table! Wavy is the epitome of what a Twitch streamer should strive to be like! Wavy has his gaming history behind him, but he also has a graphic design background, and shows that off in his creative streams as well. He also keeps his chat active with his impromptu rap freestyles that he caters to the flow of his Twitch Chat, which he calls Bcot (Best Chat On Twitch). Wavy, from all of The Collective of my stream, we want to say Congratulations. You deserved this so much, man! I'm sure you will start seeing A LOT of Wavy in the future of Twitch as he just wrote Twitch History. 


It wasn't just Wavy who benefited from Twitch Stream On. The two runners up, 88BitMusic and BanzaiBaby were also presented with some really amazing opportunities, which I hope they take advantage of! BanzaiBaby stated clearly the direction that she wants to take her channel with an entire business plan. Banzai's stream is definitely the future of Twitch, where live streaming can be catered to a family-friendly audience, with kid entertainment as well!

Banzai was offered a trip to the Twitch Headquarters to discuss her future business plan with the executives and hopefully take steps towards playing an active role in making this future a reality! You can find BanzaiBaby business plan on Funbucket.tv  88BitMusic was offered a really sweet interview with some indie-dev games so that he may compose some music for them! Wow! Now that is just AMAZING! I hope we will be able to watch him stream this too! He was also offered a trip to Twitch HQ, where he can meet with some of their producers to get some advice and insight as he continues to grow his production value and skills. 

All three of these streamers are wonderful and you should definitely take some time out of your day to check them out. You can find the Stream On Season Finale here

I'd like to talk a little bit more about our future with Twitch. I see Twitch crossing into a new era. I think it is beyond that point in time where it's make or break. I think Twitch is making it happen! About five years ago, I started checking out Twitch. I started streaming on Twitch four years ago. I got partnered on Twitch Two years ago, when I started streaming in the new creative section. Twitch is changing, and it isn't a bad change. There are a select few streamers who are huge on Twitch because they saw an opportunity, knew how to execute it and grew their channels when the time was right! But that was four years ago. A lot of people now think that in order to be successful on Twitch, you just need a webcam, a winning personality and be active with your chat. This is not the case anymore. Try being a brand new streamer on Twitch and doing that. You will very quickly realize that everyone else is trying to do the same thing and you won't go anywhere with it. What we are seeing now is a higher quality of stream. Twitch is great about getting people their fifteen minutes of fame, but how do you keep it? How do you keep those people coming back to your channel?

Photo by Laura Boccola on Unsplash

I think that it's very important to provide your stream with high value content. One of the things that the judges mentioned in EVERY episode of Stream On was production value. Production value isn't just having all those fancy schmancy, expensive camera equipment. There's a whole lot you can do with a simple $70 webcam. It's the VALUE of your production that matters and how skilled you are at using it. How you stream. I think a perfect example of this is IngameAsylum. I have been a HUGE fan of his for quite some time. I found him through a Reddit post a long time ago, before he even got partnered. I lurked on his stream for a very long time before I finally felt like I was good enough to raid him. Check out his stream and drop him a sub and you will see a perfect example of what "production value" is in stream. I think another great example of this is TheStaceyRoy. I have been a fan of hers since I discovered her through Stream On. Check out her stream and drop her a sub and you will see another great example of what "production value" is in stream. Quality cameras can get you far, but it's definitely not a must. 

I know that for me, my target audience is going to be people who are into crafts... mainly leather. The majority of these people just haven't quite found their way on to Twitch yet, but they will! Twitch is going to be a live streaming platform, just like YouTube is the internet video platform. I don't believe the creative section in Twitch has quite reached its cusp. I'd like to be there for the rise. I'll definitely be working to step up my game on Twitch! 

Coming up this Week: 

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 22, 2018, we are having a stream about GLAN FM!!! GlanFM is a streamer on Twitch. A fellow Stream On Participant and a beautiful human being! I am so very happy that we were introduced through Stream On. Glan and his community can brighten up any gloomy day. On our stream, we will be making an English Flag wallet and well as some really cool coasters. We will be sending Glan his wallet and some other favorites for him to giveaway on his stream as well! 


Matt aka GlanFM, started out streaming unofficially nearly two years ago but for about one year on GlanFM.. After working for 10 years in the production industry, he lost his Mum to lung cancer and his Dad a year later. He hit rock bottom and decided to try and make his own content and produced an amazing gaming documentary with BBC. An idea was born to quit his job to become a streamer on Twitch, aiming to get partnered. With the original idea wanting to go over a six to twelve month period. BBC challenged him to get partnered in just 30 days and he did what he could and got partnered. Since then and as a result of that, he is contacted from many individuals looking to stream. On his stream, GlanFM has been trying to create an environment that is non-toxic and genuine. His goals are to continue making programs and content on Twitch and continue to pursue that message. GlanFM is truly enjoying himself streaming on Twitch and he measures his success in the valuable relationships he makes on his Twitch channel. He is streaming every single day this year, so you definitely won't miss any content from him! 

You can find stuff about GlanFM below:

World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day is THIS WEDNESDAY and we're gonna Shellebrate! "The day was created by ATR to celebrate and protect turtles and tortoises and their disappearing habitats around the world. Now celebrated around the globe, turtle and tortoise lovers are taking “shellfies” and holding “shellebrations” in the U.S., Canada, Pakistan, Borneo, India, Australia, the UK, Greece and many other countries." -World Turtle Day Our Wednesday stream will be catered to shellebrating turtles! We will be doing a fun fundraising stream with all proceeds going to American Tortoise Rescue. A PayPal link will be set up and Suchikuchi will donate $1 for every new subscriber to the stream. Reminder, subs can also be free if you connect your Twitch account with Amazon Prime and subscribe with Prime!  I am so excited for this stream as I just love turtles! In shellebration of World Turtle Day, I will be wearing my cute Turtle hat. 

You can also participate in World Turtle Day by 

Friday is our Day Two of a folding knife pancake sheath holster build with Diomedes Industries. You can find more information, as well as the purchase list in my discord section in the Leather Tips and Tricks. 

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

Saturday is a day of two special events: Count Dracula Day and Blueberry Cheese Cake Day! So on Saturday, we are going to be dressed as a female Count Dracula while cooking a home made blueberry cheese cake! Exciting! And while it's cooking, we will play some Call of Duty since I'm really into that game. Unless my internet is being stupid again, then it will be Final Fantasy! 

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