Featured Artist On WoWHead, Finding Success In Art and Entertainment and World MS Day!


I have some exciting news! My fan art for Blizzard was featured on WoWHead!!! Yeah! WoWHead! Oh my goodness. I am so very grateful to be given the opportunity to be featured and to show my work off to the community of Blizzard. My whole history on Twitch and in this video game world that we live in started in the game, World of Warcraft. I found a welcoming community, a love for a game and a path to timeless friendships through that game! I discovered my love of leather working after streaming it and then found a way to carry over my love of the game through my passion for leather working! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we will be doing a lot of Blizzard themed art pieces on the streams, starting with this Tuesday. I plan to create a Hearthstone leather wallet for this week. You can find the article featuring my art work here And find the twitter thread here   

Photo by  MD Duran  on  Unsplash

Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash

This article spurred something in me and I am ever so grateful to come to this realization. Lately, we have spent some time in my stream discussing success and how people measure success differently. Some people measure their success on Twitch through the relationships that they grow, others measure it based on subs and donations and others based on exposure. This can be carried out throughout different parts of life, not just on Twitch, but since my life is Twitch and leather working, I have to use that as an example. I had a really hard time viewing myself and what I'm doing as a Twitch Streamer and Leather Worker as successful. For me, I've been measuring my success based on my channel growth and the money that I make on leather working. Because I've been measuring myself based on that, I have found myself largely unsuccessful. A lot of people think that we are lucky because we are able to make money doing what we love to do and while that's true, rarely do you see people actually making a real living wage off doing what they love to do in the art and entertainment industry. I think a lot of people do a very good job pretending that they are financially stable, until their following is surprised to see that they had to quit to get a job of some sort. Here's the thing... we all need to make a living. We all need to make at least enough money to live and fund our art work/hobbies/careers... whatever it is, you at least need to make enough to do that. Just because you gotta go out and get a part time job doesn't make you unsuccessful. Even people who are going to college to get their degrees are needing part time jobs to fulfill their needs until they land that dream job! They don't get handed a degree and then say, "ok, that's it, I'm done, my work is over..." That's just the START of their career. It's hard and it's a lot of work, but don't quit. 

Photo by  Jaco Pretorius  on  Unsplash

So what does the WoWHead article and all that mumbo jumbo that I just spewed up there have in common? Dude... my artwork was just featured on WoWHead! And thousands of people who didn't know who I was, or anything about my website, my business or what I do as a streamer, were just introduced to me. That, to me, is successful. Being selected to be on the Twitch show Stream On was success! None of that would have happened if I wasn't trying. None of that would have happened if I had given up on my dreams. None of that would have happened if I stopped because I thought I was unsuccessful. Up until now, I've been trying to find success and I've been working so hard to make it. My happiness and success won't be measured in how much money is in my bankroll, it's going to be in the joy of creating the atmosphere that I want on my Twitch channel and the artwork that I want to share with the world. I might have to go get a part time job to help me with achieving that, but I will never stop striving to achieve it. If you just stop trying and give up on your dreams, you won't be able to take advantage of the opportunities that may be presented to you to help you achieve that success. So in conclusion: don't stop chasing your dreams and success doesn't have to be measured in dollar signs. 

Twitch Streamer Tip: Don't tell someone that they have to stream more to be successful on Twitch. You have no idea what that streamer is doing already to try and make it. Many streamers on Twitch have full or part time jobs and duties that require their attention outside of the stream. Twitch Streamer, don't put your entire life and relationships on hold just to stream more on Twitch to make it. You need to keep doing you and accept that some people get lucky and some people don't. Be happy in what you are doing and find your success internally and don't give up on your dreams, but don't lose what you have in the process. Keep walking the path, or carve a different way, or climb the wall... do whatever it takes to be happy and always keep going forward. You never know who's watching! 


Wednesday, May 30, is World Multiple Sclerosis Day! We will be creating leather awareness  bracelets to give away on stream. Our project for that day will be raising awareness for the #BringingUsCloser campaign. "The #bringinguscloser campaign is about connecting people affected by MS with those involved in MS research, including scientists, students, nurses, fundraisers, volunteers, and more. It's a chance to come together to celebrate what we've achieved in MS research so far, and share our hopes for the future." - worldmsday.org   

I have been trying to collect some stories from people in my community who have been affected by MS. If you would like to contribute to this, please email me at suchikuchipally@gmail.com

Our project for World MS day will be a World of Warcraft inspired leather journal Horde vs. Alliance. This will be a fully tooled piece of leather and I will be creating it on stream to auction off during the stream with the highest bidder receiving the journal at the end. The journal will be leather bound 8.5x6 inches. I hope to see you there! 

Our Friday streaming buddy, Diomedes Industries, will be absent on Friday as he is going to a Blade Show! We will hold our Build A Long stream 3 until the following week. So we will be continuing work on our Friday stream on that Hearthstone wallet and probably doing some finish work on some sheaths for RogersKustoms knives. 

Damascus by RogersKustoms

Damascus by RogersKustoms

On Saturday, we will be finishing the Hearthstone wallet and starting on a super duper EPIC knife sheath for this pictured blade made by RogersKustoms. Roger is a knife maker who sends me all of his amazing blades for me to make sheaths for. On Saturday's stream, we will be designing the sheath for the blade and getting some tooled work done on it. I'm a little bit excited for this as I think it's going to be a fun project for us to enjoy! 

You can find RogersKustoms knives here and his twitch stream here 

One other thing: I am actively seeking other Twitch creative streamers to join me on a collaboration fundraising project sponsoring Team Sunergy solar car team from Appalachian State University. They have an upcoming race in July. I am trying to gather up some artists who would be willing to create a piece of art on their stream for this event. I am hoping to get a massive fundraising stream together within a month and will be presenting my idea to Twitch by the end of the week. So I need to know if you would like to partake in this before the end of the week! More information will be coming out in the next couple of weeks. If you would like to join, please email me at suchikuchi@suchikuchi.com or DM me on any social media platform. Following are some links about the Solar Car team. 

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Suchikuchi is a Partnered Creative Leather Working Streamer On Twitch. 

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