National Teacher Day and... Lost Sock Remembrance?

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Another week has gone by and it seems like all I did was blink an eyeball. Can time just slow down just a little bit now? I wish I didn't have to sleep, or that there was more time in the day, or that time could just stop so I can catch up to how quickly it's moving. Have you ever felt that way? I feel like the older I get, the less time that I have. I don't even know what it's like to be bored anymore. 

Let's first start talking about Stream On! I feel like I need to remind you all what Stream On is. I'm a streamer. I can proudly just say that now, instead of shamelessly hiding that streaming is what I try to do for a living. I'm a streamer, and I have no humility in saying it. I really enjoy the streamer show Stream On. I was a contestant and was eliminated in the first round, but having been a contestant on the show, it just turned me into a super fan. So I get to spend a lot of my time streaming and talking about the things that are going on in Stream On. Stream On is a show about streamers who compete in a series of challenges, all vying for a grand prize of $60k!!! It's kind of like survivor, but for streamers. 

There are only FOUR contestants left!!! WOW! I'm not gonna lie, I wish I was one of the four, but at the same time, I'm not overly upset that I'm not because I can only guess how crazy their lives are right now.... how stressed they are knowing that they are the final four vying for that $60k grand prize. 

Last week's challenge had them paired up into teams of two and they had to prove that they had what it takes to collaborate with each other. Their success was measured in the metrics. The Twitch Metrics measured things like how well their channel grew, how engaged their chat was, how many new active viewers they had and things of that nature. The teams were Wavy and BanzaiBaby, who formed the team Wavy Baby. TheOnlyRyann and ThaButtress who formed the team ThaOnlyButt and 88bitmusic and MajinTaj who formed... well I don't think they had a catchy name! But that's okay because they didn't need it! 88bitmusic and MajinTaj did AMAZING and won the challenge! They were saved from elimination!

88bitMusic and MajinTaj did something uprecedented in modern streaming. Twitch started out as a gaming streaming platform, but recently have expanded to open up the doors to streamers who want to stream just about anything creative. Until now, though, there has been an obvious gap in the two genres of streaming. 88BitMusic and MajinTaj managed to bridge that gap by streaming with each other... one playing music on a music stream to the other's gaming stream broadcast! It was the coolest thing you've ever seen! Imagine skydiving in Fortnite to some intense and appropriate custom piano playing! Great job, guys! 

Then there was the WavyBaby. They collaborated with an ultimate charity driven CAR SMASH! Wavy wasn't physically at the car smash event, but you couldn't really tell because his commentary is what pulled it all together. The car smash event was successful and Banzai was able to reach her goal of $10,000 to St. Jude. After the car smash, Banzai joined Wavy on his channel, where Banzai played some Fortnite, but mostly, they pretended to be the Stream On judges!!! It was absolutely hilarious and very engaging. 

ThaOnlyButt was really interesting as ThaButtress actually flew out to hang out with ThaOnlyRyann!!! Their content was extremely different as they ended up using some pre recorded footage that they took of themselves hanging out in SanFran, which they then later used in an extension! I've never seen this done before but it looked really cool and seemed super fun! They also streamed a bit together and raised some more money for charity! The dynamic of the two personalities is what was very attractive to me. I love how they interacted with each other live. It was very fun to watch. 

Sadly, Stream On had to say goodbye to two iconic streamers in the show. TheOnlyRyann and ThaButtress


It was very sad to see TheOnlyRyann leaving the show. He built his legacy in Stream On with a very strong charity driven stream! TheOnlyRyann's streams are highly engaging and visually impressive! He often attracts attention with his amazing comic-like gifs on social media and when you enter his streams, you can't get enough of them! He's also incredibly humble and highly supportive of other streamers. He is a dude with a big heart. I wanted to see him win stream on so badly. 


ThaButtress... a fellow Seattle streamer. I had the pleasure of meeting ThaButtress at the start of the show, when all four of us Seattle Stream On participants met at the Seattle Online Broadcasters meet up. It's hard not to fall in love with her, and I think her fans can tell you that too. She builds Gundam models on her stream, but she's the perfect amount of shy, nerdy, smart and beautiful that you want in a streamer. Her her beauty will attract you, but her sense of humor and personality is what draws you in. I was also very sad to see that TheButtress had to leave too. 

You can watch last week's Stream On Episode 9 here

The new challenge for Stream On is one that requires a lot of participation, so I'm going to ask that if you want to help these streamers out, don't lurk! They need you to actively be clicking some emotes on the screen when they tell you to. It's called "Streamer Says". So definitely check out the four remaining contestants Wavy, MajinTaj, BanzaiBaby and 88bitMusic as they compete for the ULTIMATE STREAMING PRIZE of $60,000!!! The next episode is on Thursday, May 10, 2018 at 3pm PST on Twitch! 

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This weeks is National Teacher Week! I want to encourage you guys to download this Write a teacher's name in there that you think should be recognized and share it on social media and in chat tomorrow on the stream so we can all see it! Additionally, you can upload it here where the NEA will be sharing it throughout this week! Make sure that you tag your special recognition with #thankateacher to participate in the campaign! You can also wear #REDforED on Wednesday, May 9th to thank all those teachers who spend their own hard earned money on supplying their classroom. Check out this blog for more information on how you can show your support for National Teacher Week. 

We are going to be celebrating this with a special stream on Tuesday, May 8, 2018. I will be dressing up as a school teacher. We are going to have a teddy bear with a dunce cap and I will be making a school bus leather tissue box. This tissue box is going to have all the names of any resubs stamped onto the box, so if you resubbed recently (let me know tomorrow) and remember to hit that resub button in stream tomorrow especially to get your name permanently stamped onto our special teacher box. All new subs are going to spank a stuffed teddy bear and get their name on the dunce cap. We will also be giving a way laser engraved leather book marks that look like rulers and No. 2 Pencils. 

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Also, Wednesday is Sock Remembrance Day! Now, normally this wouldn't grasp any attention, but socks are like a THING in my household. For one thing, my feet are ALWAYS COLD! So I seem to always be wearing the fuzziest of socks. But also, I do this thing called Super Slidey Socks on my own stream when we get a new sub, so that's a thing. But ALSO, I have a dog who LOVES socks... you can very often see her with socks in her mouth and because of this, I have a Sock Graveyard out back. But this is also a day of remembrance... because we all know that the washer or drier has some kind of monster that eats socks, so really, we are remembering the loss of all of our socks to all the sock monsters. Whether that be four legged sock monsters or big mouthed cleaner sock monsters. Where do they go? We don't know. So here's to you missing socks. The socks who kept our toes warm in that cold winter's night and the sock who helped you glide across the kitchen floor so gracefully. We take this day to remember our missing socks because when we are missing one, we know.

In honor of Sock Remembrance Day, I will be streaming with just one sock on. That means that all my super slidey socks will be solo, so they will just be super slidey sock. If you ever wanted to see me fall on my face, well, here's your chance! 


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My final announcement for the week is that I will not be streaming Friday - Monday. My little Bro is graduating from college and he is having a BIG ceremony. He lives on the other side of the country, so I will be flying all of Thursday and staying there for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Then flying all of Monday. Although I'm looking forward to this day for my brother, I'm a little bit freaking out because I already have a list of things that need to get done about a MILE LONG and this is just going to add to that. So although I'm happy to be seeing him, I'm also internally just freaking out a little bit. 

In case you missed it, We had two fun streams last week. One was our May The Fouth Be With You stream, where I dressed up as Darth Suchi and we celebrated Star Wars. And the other was our Cinco De Mayo Stream. I dressed up as a Taco Suchi and we drank margaritas and cooked tacos and whacked a pinata! I was a great week. Thank you for all that joined in on the fun! Enjoy the highlights! 


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