Affiliate of the Month Death Metal Kyle

Congratulations to our Affiliate of the Month Death Metal Kyle!!! Here is DMK's video submission link. You can also scroll to the bottom of the post to watch the embedded version. 

Oh wait... what is this "Affiliate of the Month" you ask? I'm glad you asked. It's this really cool thing where we get to highlight an affiliate on Twitch for an entire month! Every month, we invite affiliates to hang out with us in our stream and discord and show themselves to our community. We get to learn about what they do on their streams! These affiliates are encouraged to network with each other and me and in the end, they submit a video 30 seconds - two minutes long to our moderator team. We go over all the videos at the end of the month and choose a winner. Past affiliates can try to win again if there are no new submissions. We sort of changed some of the requirements over this past month, so if you haven't read the new requirements, the post has been updated. You can read more about the Affiliate Of The Month here

Death Metal Kyle is an affiliate on Twitch. DMK discovered Twitch when he was on sick leave due to the muscles in his arms degrading and he was unable to do the job that he was educated for any longer. While he was home alone, he found solace and comfort in the streaming communities he discovered. These communities helped get him through a very dark and difficult time in his life. 

As Kyle's condition improved, he decided that he wanted to give streaming a shot too. What better to stream than his love of music!? Kyle began by streaming Rocksmith on bass, taking requests for songs by his viewers, then downloading the content and playing the songs as best as he could live! For Kyle, it was such an enjoyable experience to be able to share what he loved. As he got better at playing music for his fans, he slowly was able to move over to music production streams, where he creates music with input from the viewers themselves. 

I bet you couldn't guess what Death Metal Kyle's favorite genre of music is? One of the coolest things about Kyle that I think makes him stand out from your typical Music Streamer is that he caters to those who truly enjoy hard rock and Metal! Do you want some music for your next YouTube video? I have great news for you, Kyle takes commissions! You can find some of Death Metal Kyle's past creations here and you can contact him here

DMK shirt

DMK shirt

Currently, DMK also has a really neat shirt available on Teespring. All Hail Metal and Bacon! Find that shirt here. I already bought mine! 

I know we have all been in points in our lives where we are just down on our luck. Finding people to share those times with and who can help lift us up can be life-saving. As a streamer, I've been on the giving and receiving end of these times! Nothing can warm my heart any more than someone sending me a sincere and sweet message of a time when I helped lift their days during their darkest of times. It's why I always encourage people to remain positive in your streams. You never know who is watching. You never know who you could inspire! You never know who's life you saved just being who you are! 

Kyle is someone who was lifted up by communities that he found on Twitch when he was in a dark time in his life. He was inspired and in turn, Kyle is now creating content and inspiring others on Twitch! I absolutely love what this platform can do for people on an emotional level and I am so appreciative to have Kyle as our first Affiliate of the Month! Congratulations!!! Need more Cowbell!

As our Affiliate of the Month, Death Metal Kyle is receiving host priority on my streams, Daily In-Stream shoutouts, live retweets on Twitter, a special promotional stream on my channel and acceptance into the Streamer Program

You can find Death Metal Kyle at streaming Weekdays 11am - 3pm CET Kyle does some gaming on his streams as well. 

@deathmetalkyle Twitter             

Death Metal Kyle Twitch

Death Metal Kyle YouTube

Hobo Dalek

Hobo Dalek

I wanted to also announce that our Emote of the Month winner is JayHobo!!! Every month, the person who wins the highest amount of credits in stream gets their very own Emote of the Month! We upload an emote into the channel, if the person is not currently subbed to the channel, they are gifted a sub so they can spam their emote all over Twitch. Congrats to JayHobo, also a streamer on Twitch who carves amazing things out of coins! And who also has one of his coins (Hitchhiker) on display at the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History.! I love that my stream introduces me to some of the most amazing people in the world! 

Jayhobo website                     Jayhobo Twitch Stream                            

Check out our Affiliate of the Month Death Metal Kyle video!

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