Stream Gifts! A Better Way Of Giving To Your Favorite Streamers!

Streamers: are you tired of paying for PO box fees? Are you turning down gifts from your fans due to privacy and security concerns? Are you leery about giving out your personal address? Don't you just wish there was some way that your fans could send stuff to you without having worry about if your information is safe and private? 

Fans: Wouldn't you like to send your favorite streamers gifts without revealing your real name and address to them? 

Now you can with StreamGifts! 

I'm proud to announce that I am a beta partner with Stream Gifts and now I can receive special gifts from you without exchanging any personal information. Your information and my information remains anonymous! They don't even share tracking numbers! 

Also, when you purchase a gift, I won't know what it is! StreamGifts doesn't reveal the item to me, so when it comes to my doorstep, it's a total surprise! 

StreamGifts is very simple to use, but let's go ahead and walk you through the process anyway.

Step one: Click on the Streamer link that you would like to send a gift to. In my case:

Streamers have an easy-to-browse list of gifts that are available for you to send to them. As for me, I have a range of snacks, streaming equipment, camera equipment and supplies that I often use in my shop. 


 Step Two: Choose items to put in your shopping cart. Click Add To Cart. If you would like to remove something from your cart, you can simply click on it again to remove it from your cart. 


Step Three: Check your subtotal and click on 'send my gifts' at the bottom right hand corner. 


Step Four: Double check your shopping cart. If you see something that you would like to remove, click on the 'Remove' button. 


Some gifts have options to gift wrap. This is an additional cost, but it is listed how much the gift wrapping will be right next to the check box. If you would like to have a gift wrapped up, just simply click on the box. Some gifts also have an option to write a little note to the streamer. Some gifts do not have either options available, but that's okay because with each purchase, you have an opportunity to have an alert pop up with a note attached during the live stream! 


Step Five: Before you check out, be sure to connect your Twitch account, otherwise, there will be no alerts at all during the live stream. But that's okay, because you can still remain anonymous. Connecting your Twitch account just ensures that an alert does pop up. 

*NOTE: Some people have reported needing to connect their Twitch account twice as it took them back to the shopping cart. Just be sure to pay attention if that happens to you as well. 


Step Six: Check mark the box that says 'alert my gift on stream' IMPORTANT: Check 'alert anonymously' if you would like for your name to be anonymous. With the anonymous alert option, you cannot write a message into the live alert. 


If you would like the streamer know who you are and would like to include a message alert (just like donations) then make sure that the box 'alert anonymously' is unchecked. You will then have a little box where you can write a special note to the streamer to show up live on stream. 


Step Seven: After you have written your message for the alert (or not if you chose to remain anonymous) go ahead and check out with PayPal or an alternative card. 
Remember: your information and my information is kept private! 

I have already been gifted two gifts since joining StreamGifts last week, however, I have not received them yet! I have to say that I greatly enjoy receiving gifts over donations. The gifts seem more personal, but there is also no sense of guilt tagged to it. 

I know that a lot of my readers do not get to catch my live streams all the time. You can still send me a gift using these steps! I will receive an email letting me know that someone purchased a gift and the message included will be available for me to read via email as long as you connect your Twitch account and choose not to send anonymously. 

I am looking forward to opening these special gifts on stream with you! 

Streamgifts is still in Beta at the moment, so fixes and bugs are still being worked around. If you experienced any kind of bugs during your process or if you think StreamGifts can improve upon something, please post in my discord channel so that I can relay information or comment here!

StreamGifts is also inviting other streamers to participate in the beta partnership program. If you would like to partake in StreamGifts, just sign up at Make sure you let them know who referred you! 

You can follow Stream Gifts on: 

Happy Gifting!!! 

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